Daniel P.

Daniel is a veteran tutor with over 10 years of test prep experience. An Orange County native, Daniel got his Bachelor’s Degree cum laude from UC Irvine, where he double majored in Classics and History.  He then completed his Master’s Degree in Classics at CU Boulder.  While pursuing his education, Daniel worked for The Princeton Review, not only improving students’ scores and outcomes but also contributing to five manuals for the company and multiple diagnostic tests.

He joined AR Academics in 2016 and brings with him a strong focus on the Process of Elimination, showing one’s work on the test booklet, and other such strategies designed to give students a fighting chance, if not get to the correct answers outright.  He specializes in the Verbal sections of the SAT and ACT, the GRE, AP World, AP US, and AP European History.

Daniel currently lives in the Bay Area and has worked in Operations for companies such as Adobe and Nutanix.  A little distance hasn’t stopped him from tutoring, so you can find him teaching lively and engaging sessions over Zoom! Daniel is known for his enthusiasm, his comprehensive knowledge of and familiarity with the exams he tutors for, and his passion to ensure all his students get the scores they want.

When Daniel isn’t tutoring, he’s traveling all over the world, hanging out with friends, and poring over esoteric historical facts because he just can’t get enough of learning.