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Why parents and students love AR


Julie B.

Long Beach Polytechnic High School student
Amanda and the AR team are beyond incredible. I never would have thought I’d score a 1520 on the SAT (a 220 point jump!). Thank you!

Wyatt R.

Newport Harbor student
With AR’s help, I was able to stand out in the college admissions process and get accepted to Harvard. I wouldn’t be where I am today without AR!

Emaad R.

Fairmont Prep High School student
With AR, I earned an ACT score that made my mom proud! I’ll be heading to UCLA in the fall and I couldn't be happier.

Jack R.

Sage Hill High School student
I scored a perfect 36 on the ACT, and I could not have done it without AR.

Chris V.

St. Margaret’s High School student
The one thing standing in the way between me and playing college football was my ACT score. After two months of prep, I got the score I needed. Big thanks to AR.

Ashkaan M.

Santa Margarita Catholic High Schoo
Perfect 36 and perfect 800 on my SAT™ Math II Subject Test! Thank you to all of my amazing tutors at AR and Isabelle for juggling my very busy schedule. I'm Dartmouth bound!

Yousefi family,

St. Margaret's Episcopal School
I can confidently recommend AR to any family looking to give their child the best possible test prep.

Kennedy N.

Mater Dei High School student
I highly recommend AR. The team is absolutely fabulous and each member wants you to improve. My ACT score overall went from a 26 to 33. I am so grateful to the team and Amanda for creating this all for me.

Client Reviews

Sarah T.

Newport Beach, CA
Amanda and her team really know what they're doing. Our daughter took the recommended number of sessions and increased her ACT score by 7 points - the first time she took the test. She comes home from her sessions happy and motivated and she really feels that the content and strategies covered are spot on. Isabelle is excellent at scheduling and keeping the kids on-task. The general sessions in each subject are also extremely useful. We couldn't be happier with the results. So pleased AR Academics was recommended to us. We highly recommend it to others.

Kaitlyn C.

Laguna Hills, CA
Just got my scores back from the December 2019 ACT and I couldn't be happier! My score jumped six points from a 25 to a 31 in two and a half months. A BIG THANK YOU to Michael, Allison, and Matt for working with me and helping me reach my score goal. Before AR, I had a private tutor who came to my house and we just went over what I missed out of a book from Barnes and Noble. Once I started at AR, I finally saw my scores jumping in every section. I love that they separate English and Reading tutors from Math and Science tutors so I could really get experts in each area. You can tell they are really passionate about what they do and committed to helping you raise your score...

Christine L.

Orange County, CA
My college counselor referred AR and it's seriously been a life saver for me. Isabelle is amazing. She juggles everyone's schedules and was super patient with me when planning out my schedule. I used to have private tutors come to my house for test prep, school math, and other APs and they just don't compare to AR. I really enjoyed working with everyone- shout out Arnie and Adi for Chem, Michael for Math, and Zach for Physics. My friends at Sage worked with Navid for Bio and say he's also really good. AR tutors really know their stuff and were knowledgeable about what my class was covering and exactly what I need to learn to get As...

Christine T.

Santa Ana, CA
My teenage daughter Wendy has been going to AR for a couple months and I just stopped in today to pick her up. The staff was super welcoming and really knowledgeable when we were asking them questions regarding college admissions and test prep for it. My daughter has really liked working with their team and has kind of a crazy schedule, so she's had to be set up with different tutors from time to time but she said they are all really good. So far everything I've heard about this place and my interactions with their staff have been really great and you can tell they care about their students.

Jay K.

Laguna Niguel, CA
My son's ACT score improved from 24 to 34!   What else can I say?  Their staffs and teachers are awesome!  Isabella is kind and on top of everything.  Amanda is super motivated with high energy!  My son loves all teachers and staffs at AR Academics.  Their system works for sure.  My son was motivated to do better after starting at AR Academics.  We did twice a week on tutors and prep test for ACT for few months and result is amazing.  Totally worth your time and money spent here.  Highly recommended for anyone who need drastic improvement on ACT scores.  We will be there for our other 2 kids when they need to prep for ACT in the future.  We thank Everyone at AR Academics!

Brandi W.

Newport Beach, CA
I would highly recommend AR Academics to anyone looking to improve their ACT/SAT score and have a better understanding of the strategies associated with both of the tests. I took the ACT and had no clue what the test would entail and therefore got a 20 composite score my first try. After tutoring with John for English/Reading and Amanda for Math/Science, my score improved to a 28! Their scheduling girl, Isabelle has been extremely helpful with finding times to fit around my school schedule and I'm overall very grateful to this team! I've already referred a few friends from school that have had a likewise experience.
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