Evangelina A.

AP Spanish

Evangeline received her BA in Linguistics from the University of Southern California, along with the highest recognition for her contribution to documenting endangered languages in the Amazon, Brazil and in the mountains of Taiwan. Evangeline is a Spanish teacher and has been teaching Spanish to high school students through the AP level for the past 10 years. Previously a Spanish teacher in Puebla, Mexico, Evangeline taught international students Spanish to excel at their programs in University. Her approach is based on building an environment in which her students feel seen and a foundation of trust can be established. From there, she identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses, making sure no gaps are left behind. Her other expertise lies in understanding how the student learns and adapting to it in her lessons, always respecting their learning pace. Evangeline knows how to build confidence in her students and in their own ability to master the language. Her lessons are always productive and fun at the same time! 


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