Lindsey H.

Lindsey graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Marine Biology. During her time at university, she nurtured her love of nature and the underwater world by researching endangered coral species, founding a naturalist hiking group, and becoming a certified scientific diver. 

Lindsey's passion for the sciences is complemented by her diverse experiences in and beyond the classroom. She has sailed around the Channel Islands, imparting her knowledge of Marine Biology and ocean navigation to young students, and even immersed herself in the French language while working at a chateau in France.  In addition to her science background, Lindsey is an engaged and personable tutor with a profound love for literature and language. Her tutoring philosophy centers on helping students discover and channel their passions into their academic work and writing. She firmly believes that every student has a unique learning style and possesses the potential to achieve remarkable results.

Lindsey's exceptional academic achievements include being a National Merit Scholar, scoring in the 99th percentiles of both the SAT and ACT, and being a master at securing 5's on AP tests. With a proven track record of over seven years of tutoring middle to high school students in a wide range of courses — from AP Biology to AP Language — ever since she was a middle-schooler herself she has recognized the power and value of hardwork-made-easy and a determined mindset.

Lindsey's goal is to empower her students, whether in the realm of science, English, or standardized testing, to recognize their capabilities and believe in their ability to excel.