Tyler R.

A published author, Tyler graduated with Honors from UC Davis where she earned her B.S. in Cognitive Science, with an emphasis in Linguistics. Her strong liberal arts background includes extensive coursework in psychology, sociology, and even philosophy! 

Tyler loves asking the hows and whys of everything. This curiosity and puzzle-solving mindset provide the perfect foundation for teaching standardized tests. She shows her students how all of the questions can be pared down to the same underlying principles. 

Before joining AR, Tyler worked as a premiere instructor at Elite Prep, a test prep company in Irvine, where she taught groups classes for SAT and ACT. Tyler discovered her passion for teaching when she became a private violin instructor at 16 years old. Ever since then, she has been tutoring students and her peers in both ELA and STEM subjects.  

She recently took the MCAT and scored in the 95th percentile on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning section. With her natural knack for verbal reasoning and strong writing skills, Tyler has helped countless students earn top-level scores on both the ACT and SAT. 

Tyler is passionate about helping her students achieve the goals they set for themselves and tailors her teaching style to each individual.  She intuitively knows how to motivate her students, boosting their confidence at the same time that she dramatically improves their scores. It's important to Tyler to cultivate a judgment-free and safe environment during her sessions in order to encourage students to have a positive mindset towards both their knowledge and mastery of the material.

When she isn’t tutoring, Tyler is probably trying to keep her sourdough starter kit alive or teaching herself how to sew so she can make her own cool clothes.