Victor L.
AP Chemistry, Physics, and Math

Victor graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Human Biology. At USC, Victor found a love for sharing knowledge and facilitating the learning process in others. Victor was heavily involved in teaching physics to over 400 undergraduate students by guiding them through concepts and practice problems during weekly review sessions and exam reviews. His history of mastering standardized tests is also amazingly extensive, as he scored in the 100th percentile on both the MCAT exam and the SAT exam, received perfect scores on the chemistry, biology, and math SAT subject tests, and earned the highest marks on 15 AP exams. Victor now wants to share his strategies and insights with others and help fellow students achieve their dreams.

Victor currently attends the UC Irvine School of Medicine and will soon be an Internal Medicine physician. He hopes to one day combine his love of teaching with his passion in medicine by working at an academic center and teaching medical students and residents. Outside of academics, Victor lives an active life with basketball, tennis, running, camping, and skiing.